Dear friends of the Flora Cup,

in the last few weeks we have often thought about whether and how the Flora Cup 2020 can take place. So far, everything - especially from the city side - was still in a state of suspense, even if it didn't look good overall. Nevertheless, we decided to wait a little longer and see what the situation would be like. And if it is only because of this that we want to look ahead. In the end, it was with a heavy heart that we decided to cancel the tournament. That's a pity, but there are more important things to do now.

All considerations of postponing the tournament - whether to just after or just before the summer holidays - don't make sense, because it's just as impossible to plan ahead. A Flora Cup with everything that makes our tournament what it is - so many of you who enjoy playing and meet many of your players at the end of the season - is unfortunately not feasible this year.

We would like to thank all of you who have registered with us or would have liked to do so. You are a big part of what makes the Flora Cup what it is! A big part of the Flora Cup family. And even though this is the issue of the current pandemic that affects us all, we would like to commemorate an important member of our Flora Cup family. Because already at the end of 2019 Wolfgang Rejzek died completely unexpectedly. 2020 would be and 2021 will be the first tournament in about 25 years where Wolfgang will no longer be present. He and his wife had organized breakfast and the cafeteria in earlier years and Wolfgang, after handing this in, joined the tournament management every year. Finally as an unbeatable team with Matthias in the Waldorfhalle. Wolfgang, we will all miss you very much.

Even if it is hard, after the cancellation for 2020 we want to look ahead now. We don't want to forget to thank our partners, VICTOR and NordSport, who have supported us with words and deeds in the past weeks and with whom we will gladly work together again in 2021. We would also like to thank the city of Elmshorn, your employees and above all Mrs. Pingel, who have been supporting us actively for years and are always available for us.

The Flora Cup 2021 is expected to take place from April 23 to 25. And it should be as big as it has always been, in the hope that we will then not only be able to host our beautiful Flora Cup again, but that all our lives will have returned to normal by then. In this context, we want to make this possible for this year's oldest age group in U19, who cannot play their last Flora Cup now, - of which many have already diligently reported this year - next year. We will do this in 2021 with a one-time expansion of the oldest age group to U20. Just like we did when we moved the age groups a few years ago.

Stay healthy and take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Many kind regards,
Anja, Anna-Lena, Jesper, Kirsten, Matthias, Nils, Ove and Tanja
in the name of the whole staff